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Site Prep Waco

Site Prep Waco

Call Scoopz Excavation of Waco for all your site prep Waco projects. We are the site prep contractor to prepare your property for all types of construction.

There’s a lot more to site preparation than most people think . The construction site preparation process does not produce much to look at. However, it is the critical first step in the successful execution of most construction projects. Because site preparation is one of the initial steps in construction, the selected preparation set-up has to be completed before the construction process begins.

Site preparation is an activity that is completed before any of the other construction activities begin. The success or failure of site preparation sets the conditions and the tone for other construction activities carried out on-site. Therefore, site prep is the necessary work carried out before construction work begins.

Site Prep Waco Services

We offer you thorough site preparation work. Scoopz will have your land cleared and prepared according to plan and schedule.

We offer:

  • Site Clearing – This involves complete clearing of the land. Our team clears the land of trees, shrubs, and any other vegetation.  This may also include demolition work. Our highly skilled team removes existing buildings that are not part of your new building project. Comprehensive planning is another essential element to site clearing. It helps ensure that methods and procedures are in order to identify any possible hazards. This includes the safe disposal of materials and compliance with state requirements.
  • Site Surveying – Surveyors typically complete site surveys. Surveys contain information regarding access to the land and the land’s perimeter. Our team consists of experienced and trained site surveyors. A site survey is important if there is a possibility of subsurface structures, services, and utilities such as underground water supplies. Additionally, a site survey includes all important data such as where the new building will be located and access roads for construction vehicles. Also noted in the survey are storage areas for supplies, and the locations for drainage systems.

Additional Services

  • Soil Testing – Not all soil supports the weight of buildings. Therefore, serious ph soil testing is carried out to ensure that any soil at the site is able to withhold weight-bearing materials. Geotechnical investigation examines the soil’s composition, properties, and condition. An examination of rock and groundwater may also be included in this phase.  This is an important step. It is essential to understand whether the soil will hold the weight of the building and how well the ground absorbs water.
  • Site Planning/design/investigation – Architects create extensive models of the construction plans. These plans discuss the foundation and establish operations so that the building process proceeds efficiently.
Site Prep Waco

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Site preparation procedures are essential to ensure construction is successful. Thorough site prep not only provides short-term benefits. It also ensures that the land can withstand the size, orientation, and slope of the site. For professional site preparation work, call us today.

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